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copy writing for websites

Welcome to Voxstra copy writing for websites.

It’s great to see you here, let’s see why we are here first and then you can ask some questions at your leisure. 

Positioning your voice

What do we mean by positioning your voice? Well copy writing for websites should be ‘just right’ for your business’ needs and in particular for the needs of your ideal customer. It needs to be positioned, or crafted in such a way that the reader has no doubt in their mind that it was written for them, about them and will solve a particular problem they currently have.

If its just all about you and your business, for example, your just showing off, it wont appeal to their buying decisions and as such they will discard your offer instantly.


You certainly need to provide some credibility but this need to be approached lightly and designed with your reader’s best interests in mind. So positioning your voice through effective copy writing is paramount to a successful piece of marketing.

User experience

It’s not always how impressive your website looks, it’s about a users experience, sometimes referred to as UX. The easier the experience to find information that is relative and useful, the more effective it will become.

Think differently

Positioning isn’t just about where it’s placed, but how and in just the right tone, style and diction. Good copy writing for websites are a huge part of your marketing journey. If you’re only asking a marketing company to give you an example of their best looking websites, you are approaching it from the wrong angle, you will be looking at websites that are completely irrelevant to your positioning and you haven’t even thought about your content yet!

Think about the content first, get some advice, and design your brief around what you want to say first, not around your favorite colour or simple, flashy web marketing. Your content will dictate the user experience first.

So get your positioning correct, think about effective copy writing for websites and you will then see how it affects your UX and the success of your marketing later.

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