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website translation editingProof read & edit your translation

Proof reading and editing translations from across the world, in order to market websites and other content to English native speaking countries isn’t easy, just have quick look at ‘what we mean’?

The world is a big place and there are millions of businesses looking to trade internationally. There are some superb companies out there all trying to capture clients from afar and the easiest way to cross international boundaries is to market your website abroad, especially native English speaking countries.

Unfortunately no matter how good your product is or how much cheaper you are able to manufacture it abroad, it is difficult to write convincing marketing content in native English effectively, whilst paying special attention to subtle quirks in the English language. Make sure you proof read & edit your translation effectively.

Now we expect you have had your website translated and are happy with the result, at least now we can understand what you are trying to market but you have to be so careful.

Common Mistakes

The following mistakes can ruin your credibility and convince a web visitor that you may not have the attention to detail they expected. It can damage the perception of your professionalism and cause your visitor to leave your website with the wrong impression if you don’t proof read & edit your translation

  • Poor, clunky diction
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Words in the wrong order
  • Sentences that make sense but a constructed poorly
  • Poor use of punctuation
Real Marketing Example

For example, this passage from the ‘Why Us?’ section on a Chinese supplier portal should illustrate what we mean.

‘In internet age,it is quyte easy to find toys supplier,find new toys items like in,Global sorce,but still not easy or need a lots of time to distinguish goods supplier and search exact match toys item.without face to face deal,have more risk than before.’

Unfortunately whilst this site looks like they are a worthy supplier, and indeed they may well be the best agency out there, a lot of web visitors will probably be on the move pretty quickly, it destroys all of your hard won credibility when you don’t proof read & edit your translation properly.

We would recommend the following edit in order to make a better impression to English native speakers.

‘In the age of e-commerce and global internet marketing, it’s really easy to find thousands of international suppliers.  

You’ve got a huge choice on Alibaba or Global Source, but how do you distinguish between them all?

Who are the best suppliers to match your specific requirements and how do you navigate the minefields of international trade, without visiting these suppliers and negotiating the best deals ‘face to face’.

Leave this task to us, it will save you time, money and stress.’

I hope this demonstrates how we can help

If you have an international website and hoping to market to native English Speaking countries, contact us here. We can proof read and edit your translation to give you the best chance of success in England, The United States of America, Australia and any other English speaking country, and it doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Just send in your content and we will quote on the works, don’t just leave it to chance, make sure other get ‘what you mean’, get it done right.

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copy writing for websites

copy writing for websites

Welcome to Voxstra copy writing for websites.

It’s great to see you here, let’s see why we are here first and then you can ask some questions at your leisure. 

Positioning your voice

What do we mean by positioning your voice? Well copy writing for websites should be ‘just right’ for your business’ needs and in particular for the needs of your ideal customer. It needs to be positioned, or crafted in such a way that the reader has no doubt in their mind that it was written for them, about them and will solve a particular problem they currently have.

If its just all about you and your business, for example, your just showing off, it wont appeal to their buying decisions and as such they will discard your offer instantly.


You certainly need to provide some credibility but this need to be approached lightly and designed with your reader’s best interests in mind. So positioning your voice through effective copy writing is paramount to a successful piece of marketing.

User experience

It’s not always how impressive your website looks, it’s about a users experience, sometimes referred to as UX. The easier the experience to find information that is relative and useful, the more effective it will become.

Think differently

Positioning isn’t just about where it’s placed, but how and in just the right tone, style and diction. Good copy writing for websites are a huge part of your marketing journey. If you’re only asking a marketing company to give you an example of their best looking websites, you are approaching it from the wrong angle, you will be looking at websites that are completely irrelevant to your positioning and you haven’t even thought about your content yet!

Think about the content first, get some advice, and design your brief around what you want to say first, not around your favorite colour or simple, flashy web marketing. Your content will dictate the user experience first.

So get your positioning correct, think about effective copy writing for websites and you will then see how it affects your UX and the success of your marketing later.

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