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Voxstra Copywriting

Voxstra copy writing 

For your website content, your blog, your articles, SEO development, social media posts, printed copy, international editing to market your business and much, much more. 

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Do you know what you want to say but not quite sure how to say it?

Haven’t got the time or technical ability to write effective content for your online or offline content?

Do you need to attract and retain you audience’s attention, help, educate or convert your visitor into a lead or a sale?

Voxstra provides the copy writing that’s just right for your needs,  you business & your brand. Position your voice, effectively.

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how do we do it?


Voxstra helps you appeal to the right audience, with the right copy, text, content, key messaging and tone, whilst paying careful attention to your visitors positive experience.

It’s then up to your web designer, or printer to wrap this written content up into a great looking and functional product. The content will be thought out in detail, written especially for your chosen medium, as well as its audience.

We can talk about how and what your going to say, before you ‘drop’ it into any format. It can work much better when planned ahead of any technical design like websites, blogs, social media or a printed medium. It can and should lead the user experience, but don’t worry we can also adapt to what you’ve already got!


Positioning your voice to best portray your business, organisation, website, product, service or printed instructions.

We help you find the ‘strategy’ behind your written ‘voice’, placing you in the right ‘position’ to get your audience’s attention…


Before we write anything, we must first discover the following important details together…

who you are?

what you do?

your market position?

your competition?

your target audience?

Voxstra Copywriting

Discover Your Voice

Once this is discovered, we can challenge your perceptions in order to influence those of others.

Discovering, challenging and improving copy will make it ‘just right’ for your target audience. Influence how and why they continue to read it, then do what you want them to do.

To induce a response, a feeling, an emotion, an action, or all of the above is what we endeavor to achieve, even in the driest and most technical formats.

Key messaging and tone is the name of the game in today’s noisy and ‘brand rich’ environment, so let’s stay ahead of it the competition, let’s Voxstra.

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International copywriting, proof reading & edits

International copy writing for non-native English-speaking countries is also available. 

We proof read, edit and write content for you too. Marketing credible content in English speaking countries is difficult, we can check, edit and re-write your content.  

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If your looking for a local copywriter or provider of website content, or blog content in Burntwood, Lichfield, Cannock, Stafford, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Burton Upon Trent, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Staffordshire or the West Midlands, give us a call, meet for a coffee and we can discuss your project in person. Don’t worry, we can also write for you wherever you are in the world, just call or email.